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MANDALAS… What are they?

Originating in India the practice of creating mandalas is a sacred art and spiritual science of consciousness. Mandala in Sanskrit means sacred circle.

They have been used as meditative tools to awaken one’s true immortal self.
Mandala practices are rooted in many different spiritual traditions using symbols, colors & shapes from the unconscious self to discover enlightenment.


  • Connect with your True Self beyond the ego

  • How to build Sacred Space and set Intentions

  • Use guided Meditation for your own Sacred Symbols & Inner Wisdom

  • Construct luminous mandalas that express your Divinity
    (No artistic skills are needed!)

  • Experience the flow of pure love to heal heart and soul

  • Improve your life, using intentionality

  • Appreciate and deepen your connection to Nature’s healing energies


The practice of the mandala taught by Dr. Judith Cornell evolved over thirty years of self-discovery during her life. Her practice of the mandala work has been used successfully by people of all ages and in all walks of life:  children, adolescents, adults, seniors, psychologists, ministers, nuns, visionary corporate trainers, nurses, medical doctors, schoolteachers, art therapists; by cancer patients; and by women’s groups and alcohol & drug rehabilitation centers. Included in her great visionary work was a very demanding program that trained facilitators to share “the light” she so lovingly coveted. I am one of her fortunate “light workers” as well as others linked to this site. Judith is also the author of several books including “Mandala”“The Mandala Healing Kit” and “Drawing the Light from Within”. Judith’s hope as well as mine is that you will experience boundless blessings, grace, unconditional love, and deep healing on all levels of your being through her process. I will guide you through this amazing process that took me three years of study. May you have a deeper understanding and truth to awaken. May you realize that each soul is the essence of divine light and part of the great circle of spirit!

Your personal mandalas will communicate an inspiring connection to the higher power within the center of your being.

Connect with my personal mandalas located in the gallery.

I look forward to sharing Judith’s gift with you.

For future workshops visit events & shows or contact:

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